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Did you know October is National Audiology Awareness Month?

Posted about 5 years ago by Dori Shane

Why are calibrations important?

AK: Calibration assures that the audiometer and its transducers are performing to ANSI or ISO standards. During calibrations, preventive checks on connections, cables, and other details can help ensure proper operation for another year, and can possibly predict troubles ahead as well.

Sun Young Lee, M.S., M.A., CCC-A

FUN FACT:  Not all living creatures hear with their ears.  Snakes use jawbones, fish respond to pressure changes, and male mosquitoes use tiny hairs growing on their antennae.

Upcoming Events

October 6-7

2016 Alabama Academy of Audiology Convention

Destin, FL

October 6-7

2016 Maryland Academy of Audiology Convention

Annapolis, MD

October 7-9

2016 Oregon Academy of Audiology

Portland, OR

October 11

Audioscan Workshop

Cheetkowaga, NY

October 13

Audioscan Workshop

East Syracuse, NY

October 20-21

2016 Iowa Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention

Iowa City, IA

October 20-21

2016 Michigan Audiology Coalition Conference

Lansing, MI