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Wake Up To Worker Sleep Issues

Posted over 4 years ago by Dori Shane

This 2.5-hour learning module provides the OHN with an overview of normal adult sleep; explains circadian rhythms and sleep regulation; examines how sleep affects work; describes how to do a sleep assessment; and details the most common sleep disorders.

Sleep health is an important issue for the OHN because it is deeply linked to the overall physical and mental wellbeing of workers. Sleep disruption and disorders are associated with occupational injury, decreased productivity, and increased costs to employers in claims paid. In spite of the recognition of sleep as a critical public health issue, sleep disorders are consistently under-diagnosed. Participation in this program and improving your skills in the identification of workers with sleep disorders may facilitate more rapid treatment, leading to decreased occupational injuries and costs.

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Upon completion, you will be awarded 2.5 CNE.



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